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Keychain commissions
Image by BlueHecate
Image by BlueHecate
Important notes:

- You pay for shipping and handling
- You need to give me an address to send this to
- You need to send me the two pics you want

I will give the option of paying with points or paypal. Paypal would be preferable cause I need money to buy the keychain QwQ 

$8 for paypal

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Yay! :hug: Hugs all around X3
Mon Nov 9, 2015, 10:13 AM
:bulletpink: Hello ~ here's a hug for you :glomp:
Thu Nov 5, 2015, 8:32 PM
Hi EPIC!!! :la:
Thu Oct 8, 2015, 9:38 PM
Hey Bekah!! :dummy:
Sun Oct 4, 2015, 4:07 PM
*hugs* :hug:
Fri Oct 2, 2015, 1:21 PM


Commission for BlueHecate by Yo-Snap Milk and Cookie by Colorful--Melody Commission: Bluehecate by MTC-Studio AT: BlueHecate by DefectiveBunny Commission: Fanny by Akmona :thumb341951084: BlueHecate Art Request: Fanny and the big cookie by sandapolla Relaxin' by InvaderLez Commission: BlueHecate by BrokenDeathAngel Commision-Fanny by Kitty-Olenic Commission: BlueHecate by crystal8079 Fanny [PC] by BunsDream Commish~ by Mythicaldragon99 :thumb329654450: Commission - Fanny by Sageroot :thumb322915511: For BlueHecate by FutureCrazyCatLady Fanny by luckyheartchan Commish: BlueHecate by ecokitty :thumb346824120: Gift .:BlueHecate:. by HimekoTheSmurfette {PC} Fanny by LittleWhiteDragonlet OC fanny for BlueHecate by Unova-Fangirl Commission-BlueHecate by Ghibli--Fan Fanny Safari by hotarox-x Commission- Fanny by KrystalFleming [cm] Bluehecate - Fanny by ReaderoftheBooks Commission: Bluehecate 3 by MTC-Studio :thumb374107568: :thumb373891745:

:thumb338077071: :thumb327528425: :thumb326450822: :thumb357271171:

...kiss... by MilagrosDeSkilene request BlueHecate by pitufotontin For BlueHecate by MyFanFictionPicture Fanny and Brainy by Demi-Sev COM: A message from Brainy by FutureCrazyCatLady Kinda of Comission (idk) for BlueHecate by SunflowerDragon Commision .:Brainy and Fanny:. by TairusuKU Under the Mushroom by sandapolla Commission for BlueHecate by EscarlataFox Fanny Zmurf by TairusuKU Fanny by Necro-smurf smurfs hugs 8 by pitufotontin N4 Fanny hugging Brainy by Sciccosa-The-Snappy Sleeping by sandapolla Kissing Smarty Smurf~ by Riverthunder BlueHecate Commission(pt. 1): Fanny and Brainy by sandapolla :thumb352412307: :thumb352125670: Everyone loves Brainy by Shini-Smurf Commission: Smurf Love by Sageroot .:Free Request BlueHecate:. by HimekoTheSmurfette :thumb362262489: Art Trade with bluehecate by IamRangerBob :thumb364105551: .:PC:. Smurflings by jumpman2121 request fannyxbrainy by pitufotontin BlueHecate: Commissions 1/2 by DefectiveBunny Commission for *BlueHecate Fanny N Alchemist Smurf by Pussycat-Puppy Smurf request by josie900 Commission .: Listen this one :. by Icandoittoo BlueHecate Commission: Date? by EscarlataFox Hugg! .:Request:. by ValeRossi1416 :thumb375517626: Happy Birthday BlueHecate by ElMarcosLuckydel96

:thumb336029269: Commission ~BlueHecate~ Fanny by Mingbatrox108 Commission: Bluehecate 2 by MTC-Studio + BlueHecate +RQ+ + by MissMirabelle Trickster Fanny by Xflasher :thumb329922088: .:Request:. BlueHecate by xXInsaneAdoptsXx Fanny the Foxy - PC by jumpman2121 Commission: Bluehecate 5 by MTC-Studio BrainyXFanny Kitties by Riverthunder

[request] For Bluehecate~ by Rotten-Apple-Doodle Retro Pony Pixels Request:  Fanny by Zztfox OC Request Stamp by SerenityFey Fanny Smurf Icon by Kiss-the-Iconist Commission- Fanny Run by Aven-Mochi Icon Commission for BlueHecate by kiananuva12 COM: BlueHecate's Icon by Kiss-the-Iconist Fanny Smurf Icon by Pussycat-Puppy Icon Commission for bluehecate by kiananuva12 BlueHecate Stamp 11 by LaraLeeL BlueHecate Stamp 10 by LaraLeeL BlueHecate Stamp 6 by LaraLeeL BlueHecate Stamp 4 by LaraLeeL BlueHecate Stamp 1 by LaraLeeL

Fanny with:
Art Trade: BlueHecate by 1863project :thumb326548357: :thumb322129148: Hugs For Lokitty! by AgentLaufeyson Commission For BlueHecate 2 by CrackpotComics Playing Smurf Checkers (A.T.) by Demi-Sev COM: Fanny and Beatle Gal by FutureCrazyCatLady Commission for BlueHecate by watchfulshepherd Commission: Fanny and Dan-E by Sageroot holiday chibi giveaway by MissDeadEnd Design Trade and Art Trade: Bluehecate by DefectiveBunny :thumb349598448: Fanny and Cheat Code by Yo-Snap Quick sketch for Blue Hecate~ by blondmadscot :thumb351493755: *C* Fanny and Danny by CelesteCorinne Commission .:Fanny and the guys:. by Icandoittoo BlueHecate Commission(pt. 3): Danny and Fanny by sandapolla RQ-Surprise Hug by LifeKore C-BlueHecate by kigoci Art Trade: Bluehecate by Siro-Cyl Happy Belated Birthday, BlueHecate! by 1863project Final Art Slave Project: THANK YOU!!! by megashadowmew

Fanny's Reference Sheet by BipolarWolfy Commission- Fanny by Aven-Mochi Point Commission JD: Fanny by BipolarWolfy Free Request For Bluehecate by xAzuri-Chanx Fanny and Nettik by Dai-Wolf




Nov 25, 2015
1:19 pm
Nov 24, 2015
11:34 pm
Nov 24, 2015
8:47 pm
Nov 24, 2015
2:07 pm
Nov 24, 2015
1:29 pm


Insanity is my Best Friend
Artist | Student | Photography
United States
Hi, my DA name is BlueHecate. Why? Because blue is my favorite color, and Hecate is my favorite Greek Goddess...epic, I know.


BlueHecate has started a donation pool!
3,412 / 1,000
Please donate :iconimsorryplz:


- Sketches: 10 points +3 point for extra characters (these will not be drawn on lined paper anymore!)

- Inked: 15 points +5 points for extra characters (Or atleast lined without color)

- Colored: 20 points +7 points for extra characters

- Backgrounds: +7 points

- Smoodle individual/couple (not custom pose): 10 points

- Smoodle individual/couple (Custom): 13 points

- Gore
- Hard core sex
- Super detailed work
- Anything negative (ask for more info)

- Open for anything that does not include any of the don'ts

You must be logged in to donate.

Updates, Depression, and Hopeful Solutions

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 1, 2015, 11:21 AM
So I'm using the tissue paper journal skin cause this will be a journal filled with issues >w>

First, still no job and I have stopped looking due to my leg is not getting better. It's gotten worse honestly, but the plan is that I head down to VA for a few weeks till I am fully better, because my doctor is there and not here in NY.

Second...this is a bit hard to put into words for me and admit it but...a few days ago my mom and I were talking and I found myself crying for no clear reason. I've been doing that a lot lately, along with getting mad easily. And God bless her for knowing more about feelings than I do cause I don't think I'd be able to see this without her help.

I've been depressed for the past few weeks. I've been anxious, always waiting for one thing to happen to make me happy, then finding I need to wait for something else to happen first before I can get to the first thing to make me happy...I've been waiting and just plain down at many times.

I just thought if I kept a good attitude, and pushed through the sadness I felt through the days, things would get better. But that's not how it works.

It's weird though...depression is stereotyped as being at the very bottom of the sadness and you feel like it's hard to keep living with life. I don't feel any of that, goodness knows I don't ever consider suicide. But I don't exactly feel happy like I did before I graduated.

That's not to say that all people with depression are faking it. I'm NOT saying that at all. There are people out there that do feel at the bottom. And I hope that they find what helps make them better, or find help before they feel there's no use in trying. There is always hope! It's just not always clear or easy. know what's weirder than finding out that what I've been feeling is depression? I feel...Better that what I've been feeling has a name. I haven't been feeling something that can't be helped or will slowly kill me inside. It's something that I can manage and resolve once I understand it more.

And don't worry, this isn't a journal telling you guys I'm so depressed that I've considered ending things unless I get 10 comments by the time today's done, no.

Like I say in a lot of journals, these things help me understand my feelings when they're not clear. Or they help make the feelings less confusing. Also I hope that this helps anyone out there, who's feeling similar things, that not everyone is immune to depression.

And now onto the final part of the journal! Like I said earlier, thank you guys for reading all of this if you have, I will be going to VA in about 2 weeks. And during that time I will be careful of my leg, continue to do things that help me feel less anxious, and I'll talk to my doctor about this when I get back to VA.

I know that it won't be that simple either. Just one doctor visit and I'm cured, no. That's why I'm starting with this journal. I really need to be able to write this stuff, so then after a month has gone by, I can see how I felt right now.

Lastly, I promise it is the last thing, my mom had a very grown up talk with a cousin of hers, who's not the most dependable out there and has a bad track record with guys.

My mom took her out to lunch and had a serious conversation about their relationship, because it was one of those she couldn't be honest with her because her cousin would get mad, and not talk to her but use her son to talk to my brother, literally talking behind her back about things.

But she took her out to lunch and had a serious conversation, basically telling her that they need to have a grown up relationship. None of this "I don't want to bother you, so I'll use my son to get info from your son," just clear communication between them.

Now! Why did I bring this up? Cause I need to be able to have different relationships with some of my friends on here. I don't mean that I'm just gonna throw out names and block people. It means I need to start being more honest THAN nice with some of you. I need to be able to feel like I can talk with you guys and you won't hate me for it.

So I'm not saying specific people. I'm this to saying everyone. I might talk a bit more...bluntly with you guys. I'll still be nice, but not if I disagree with something. I will tell you if I disagree with something a friend stated, and then we need to be able to be okay with that disagreement.

I can't be the "YES Girl" anymore...I'm scared that might destroy a part inside me.

So again, I might be blunt, but I don't mean any of it in bad spirits. I love you guys so much. And it means a lot that I have you right now.

Talk to you guys later, and remember! It's okay to be sad and cry. Being sad and then letting go of what makes us sad is how we heal on the inside feel I figure. I dunno, just random thoughts from me I guess ;w;

Love you all!

  • Mood: Hopeless
  • Listening to: Mr. Sark
  • Reading: Nothin'
  • Watching: Mr. Sark
  • Playing: Something here and there
  • Eating: Chocolates
  • Drinking: Water

DA Family Tree

:iconkiss-the-iconist:= My Smurfy friend ^w^
:iconpussycat-puppy:= My very loved Twin Sisters
:iconapril-cakes:= My sis, duh!
:iconepicsmurfgirl:= My Epic sister!
:iconmariettesmurfling:= My little smurfy sis >3<
:iconthethally:= My sister
:iconrichhobom3:= My little sis
:iconshystarcc:= My Sister
:iconbara-angel:= My strong willed and huggy Sister :huggle:
:icontairusuku:= My Sister
:iconpitufotontin:= My Sister
:iconmyfanfictionpicture:= My Emotional Little Sister
:iconsugarbaby222:= My older sister Bitchy Smurf
:icon1cartoonfan:= My Smurfy Brother ^w^
:iconheftysmurf:= My Crazy Brother
:iconmadness-of-art:= My Big Brother :cuddle:
:iconthatonesmurfx103-9:= My smurfy little brother
:iconthe-blue-moon12:= My Cousin
:iconlove-and-points:= Aunt
:iconpeppermintninjakitty:= Guinavere the jovial silver dragon
:iconsandapolla:= TheFat Cat
:iconyalarof:= My Pet Rainbow Turtle from Outer Space named Ricardo
:iconyu-x-2231:= My :iconmehplz:

Cheat Code

Cheat Code
BlueHecate's Request: Cheat Code and Friends by sandapolla {PC} Cheat Code by LittleWhiteDragonlet *R* Cheat Code by CelesteCorinne

Cheat Code with
BlueHecate Commission(pt. 2): Cheat Code and Krik by sandapolla :thumb352946036: :thumb351493755: Commission 4: BlueHecate by BrokenDeathAngel Commission: When I Get All Steamed Up by Sageroot Fanny and Cheat Code by Yo-Snap Commission For BlueHecate 2 by CrackpotComics :thumb355989819: RQ-Surprise Hug by LifeKore

COM: BlueHecate's Icon 2 by Kiss-the-Iconist Blue Hecate commission by Tsuzurao-s-Art

If I put up some smurf stuff, like figures, cards, and other smurfy items, to sell would you be interested? 

7 deviants said I don't have any money ;A;
6 deviants said ABSOSMURFLY!!1!1!
3 deviants said Depends if I have it or not >3>
1 deviant said Sure, why not?
1 deviant said P.S. I will be pricing them nice and cheap. Like $2 or $3 for a figure or $1 for 10 sticker cards. But you will need to pay the shipping ;w;
1 deviant said I don't really care =_=

To-Do List

Art Trades:

- Double meme

- Surprise

- BlackLatte shipping

- Midou, Gaiva, and Nova

- Smoodle Couple of Heftette and Smurf

- Icon of OC

- Nat & Slouchy Smoodle couple

Contest Entries:
- Contest entry

- Lily and Fanny

:iconizzy-chan13: (And for me too)
- BrainyxSassette

- Cookie

For me
- Adoptables
- This Locked in a bedroom thing
- Adopteds
- Cheat Code with Fanny and Beatle Gal
- My Smurfling
- Hecate and Rebekah
- Smurf stuff
- A couple comics
- Smurf Glasses


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Thanks for the watch! :D
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My tablet isn't working and as such I couldn't finish my art by yesterday for the gift exchange. I informed sandapolla, my giftee, and I will be redoing her piece traditionally and I will NOT be participating in the Christmas Exchange due to this. Unfortunately I'm not sure when I can obtain a replacement tablet, so your commission and prize will also have to be placed on hold. I'm very sorry for the delay but I hope my extracting myself from the Christmas Exchange can help slightly.
BlueHecate Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Student Photographer
I'm sorry to hear that but I am proud of you for sticking to your rules. And it's no problem for the pic for me. Completely understand your situation and it's all good.
Riverthunder Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Hobbyist Writer

ALSO would it be at all possible for you to check OceanFairie's story to see if it follows all the rules? I can't sonce I've only got my old iPod for he weekend (someone may or may not have gotten herself grounded haha). I can read over it if you like but I want to quickly make sure it meets the length requirements.
BlueHecate Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Student Photographer
Okay. I'll admit though, not the best when it comes to writing. But I'll give it a read. I did see that Epic was really happy with it though. So that's a good sign already ^w^
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sparkle emote Hey Girl Nice Avatar!:lovely: :iconsparklesplz:
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Aw! Thanks! For Xmas I'm gonna use the one you made me last year! The one of Fanny popping out of a present X333
Pussycat-Puppy Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
haha Yay! :heart: And You're welcome!
Riverthunder Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Nemo Reference Sheet DIGITAL COLOR by Riverthunder  
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PatTheLeprechaun Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2015
Sorry I didn't want to crowd your note box but forgot to say this. Just wanted to say your drawings have really improved. I haven't had a chance to really look through your gallery lately and was pleasantly surprised to see your newest sketches. Can't wait to see the finished product of Pat. 
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