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Thu Apr 10, 2014, 11:19 AM
Hi!!! ^^
Sat Mar 29, 2014, 12:49 AM
Realy???? AAAAAAAAA Oh no!! Oh I saw this cute boook with baby brainy on it!!! it was for babys but it was so cute!!!
Mon Mar 24, 2014, 5:04 PM
So do I sis'. But I found a new present for you at the Easter aisle!
Sat Mar 22, 2014, 9:27 PM
:couch:I Feel Like a couch Patato:couch:
Wed Mar 19, 2014, 2:08 PM


Commission for BlueHecate by Yo-Snap Milk and Cookie by Colorful--Melody Commission: Bluehecate by MTC-Studios AT: BlueHecate by TentacleNoir Commission: Fanny by Akmona Gift:Fanny by Sugar-Mochii BlueHecate Art Request: Fanny and the big cookie by sandapolla Relaxin' by InvaderLez Commission: BlueHecate by BrokenDeathAngel Commision-Fanny by Kitty-Olenic Commission: BlueHecate by crystal8079 Fanny [PC] by BunsDream Commish~ by Mythicaldragon99 BlueHecate .:Commission:. by emi-cat Commission - Fanny by Sageroot Point Commission: BlueHecate by Yiamme Fanny Request by orewajhonnydesu For BlueHecate by FutureCrazyCatLady Fanny by luckyheartchan Commish: BlueHecate by ecokitty Fanny by CrimsonStarychi Gift .:BlueHecate:. by HimekoTheSmurfette {PC} Fanny by LittleWhiteDragonlet OC fanny for BlueHecate by Unova-Fangirl BlueHecate Request: Fanny~ by DokiDokiSuki Commission-BlueHecate by Ghibli--Fan Fanny Safari by hotarox-x Commission- Fanny by KrystalFleming [cm] Bluehecate - Fanny by ReaderoftheBooks Commission: Bluehecate 3 by MTC-Studios :thumb374107568: Fanny by burlesque

Commission: Fanny by ShuffleStripes .:CM:. Luna and Fanny by eclipsesongs Ready For Gym Class by rainbowmane123 Fanny and Luna by Dragon-Flash :thumb357271171:

...kiss... by MilagrosDeSkilene request BlueHecate by pitufotontin For BlueHecate by MyFanFictionPicture Fanny and Brainy by SamoanPrincess555 COM: A message from Brainy by FutureCrazyCatLady Kinda of Comission (idk) for BlueHecate by Yume-Nihon Commision .:Brainy and Fanny:. by TairusuKU Under the Mushroom by sandapolla Commission for BlueHecate by EscarlataFox Fanny Zmurf by TairusuKU Fanny by Necro-smurf smurfs hugs 8 by pitufotontin N4 Fanny hugging Brainy by Sciccosa-The-Snappy Sleeping by sandapolla Kissing Smarty Smurf~ by Riverthunder BlueHecate Commission(pt. 1): Fanny and Brainy by sandapolla Commission For BlueHecate 2nd picture by Kaira-G For BlueHectate by Snoopy-101 Everyone loves Brainy by Shini-Smurf Commission: Smurf Love by Sageroot .:Free Request BlueHecate:. by HimekoTheSmurfette Fanny and Brainy .:A.T:. by FairyTail-Shovanna Art Trade with bluehecate by IamRangerBob Fanny and rainy by HorseandRaisins .:PC:. Smurflings by jumpman2121 request fannyxbrainy by pitufotontin BlueHecate: Commissions 1/2 by TentacleNoir Commission for *BlueHecate Fanny N Alchemist Smurf by Pussycat-Puppy Smurf request by josie900 Commission .: Listen this one :. by Icandoittoo Art slave 3: Fanny Smurf by Yalarof BlueHecate Commission: Date? by EscarlataFox Hugg! .:Request:. by ValeRossi1416 Smurfy couple - Fanny and Brainy by evilcrazysmurf Happy Birthday BlueHecate by Super-Marcos-96

hehe XD by HoverBoardFan14 Commission ~BlueHecate~ Fanny by Mingbatrox108 Commission: Bluehecate 2 by MTC-Studios + BlueHecate +RQ+ + by RushytheHedgehog Trickster Fanny by Xflasher Commission: Fanny by HoverBoardFan14 .:Request:. BlueHecate by xXInsaneAdoptsXx Fanny the Foxy - PC by jumpman2121 Commission: Bluehecate 5 by MTC-Studios BrainyXFanny Kitties by Riverthunder

For Bluehecate~ by DeviMonster Retro Pony Pixels Request:  Fanny by Zztfox OC Request Stamp by SerenityFey Fanny Smurf Icon by Kiss-the-Iconist Commission- Fanny Run by Aven-Mochi Icon Commission for BlueHecate by kiananuva12 COM: BlueHecate's Icon by Kiss-the-Iconist Fanny Smurf Icon by Pussycat-Puppy Icon Commission for bluehecate by kiananuva12 BlueHecate Stamp 11 by LinaLeeL BlueHecate Stamp 10 by LinaLeeL BlueHecate Stamp 6 by LinaLeeL BlueHecate Stamp 4 by LinaLeeL BlueHecate Stamp 1 by LinaLeeL

Fanny with:
Art Trade: BlueHecate by 1863project BlueHecate by Took-Baggins :thumb322129148: Hugs For Lokitty! by SunnyDee13 Commission For BlueHecate 2 by CrackpotComics Playing Smurf Checkers (A.T.) by SamoanPrincess555 COM: Fanny and Beatle Gal by FutureCrazyCatLady Commission for BlueHecate by watchfulshepherd Commission: Fanny and Dan-E by Sageroot holiday chibi giveaway by Dead-End-King Design Trade and Art Trade: Bluehecate by TentacleNoir Sketches by K-K-Armadillo Fanny and Cheat Code by Yo-Snap Quick sketch for Blue Hecate~ by blondmadscot Commission For BlueHecate 1st picture by Kaira-G *C* Fanny and Danny by CelesteCorinne Commission .:Fanny and the guys:. by Icandoittoo BlueHecate Commission(pt. 3): Danny and Fanny by sandapolla RQ-Surprise Hug by LifeKore C-BlueHecate by kigoci Art Slave 6: Fanny And The Alchemist by Yalarof Art Trade: Bluehecate by Siro-Cyl Happy Belated Birthday, BlueHecate! by 1863project Final Art Slave Project: THANK YOU!!! by megashadowmew

Fanny's Reference Sheet by BipolarWolfy ::RE:: BlueHecate - Fanny the Fox by GraffitiMutt Commission- Fanny by Aven-Mochi ::CO:: BlueHecate - Fanny the Fox by GraffitiMutt Point Commission JD: Fanny by BipolarWolfy Free Request For Bluehecate by xAzuri-Chanx Fanny and Nettik by Dai-Wolf




:iconbluepanda-adopts: :iconsnappette-smurfette: :iconsandapolla: :iconicesylum: :iconffleret:


Insanity is my Best Friend
Artist | Student | Photography
United States
Hi, my DA name is BlueHecate. Why? Because blue is my favorite color, and Hecate is my favorite Greek Goddess...epic, I know.


BlueHecate has started a donation pool!
1,133 / 1,000
Please donate :iconimsorryplz:


- Sketches: 3 points +1 point for extra characters (these are usually drawn on ruled paper)

- Inked: 7 points +2 points for extra characters (Or atleast lined without color)

- Colored: 10 points +3 points for extra characters

- Backgrounds: +5 points

- Smoodle individual/couple (not custom pose): 3 points

- Smoodle individual/couple (Custom): 7 points

- Gore
- Hard core sex
- Super detailed work
- Anything negative (ask for more info)

- Open for anything that does not include any of the don'ts

You must be logged in to donate.

- My mom has been getting the house ready to sell. She'll be moving back to New York and I'll be staying with my dad until I'm through with college. This involves me watching my home, since I was 10, slowly being taken apart while in the middle of the hardest semester I have ever had.

- I just took my second Art History Exam. My teacher does not understand that when there is more than 8 students, who are frantically trying to finish the exam at the five minute marker, that we need MORE TIME!! I didn't even have enough time to go over my questions I couldn't answer that first time.

- She won't allow extra time because that's for people who can afford tests saying that they have special needs. I am a special needs person but my tests proving it are not good enough for this college anymore. And I talked to her and she won't give me any leniency on anything. I either study better or fail.

- My dog had a second seizure but she's recovered from it quicker than her first one.


...I cried in front of my photography teacher again. Just plain F***! These meds help me focus but GAWD!! I get so emotional! My photo teacher was very nice though and I cried when there was only one person left in the classroom, talking to her. But the second the student saw me tear up, she packed up her stuff and left as if I just made the biggest, stinkiest fart ever.

Reasons for this I suppose include;
- My exam I just took with little to no time to finish it
- Not having a 'home' to go to after the day is done
- Emotional meds
- My computer got updated, said it won't except my previous Word program, leading me to buy another one for $140
- My settings for my drawing tablet changed so now I can't even enjoy drawing right now back hurts to, but I can cure that with more meds =w= really felt good to cry and talk to my teacher though. But now I'm really dehydrated from it all QwQ

So in short I will be very slow on commissions, requests, art trades, and gifts at a record time slow.

...also, a hug would be nice, but I'm on campus and asking the couple, who are talking across from me, for a hug might seem a bit weird Q3Q

Love you all and hope you guys are doing better than me right now :iconclingplz:
  • Mood: Emotional
  • Listening to: The vending machine whirring
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Top Gear UK
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Cheeseburger
  • Drinking: Water cause I cried it all out TTwTT

DA Family Tree

:iconkiss-the-iconist:= My Waifu and Strong Tigress >//w//<
:iconpussycat-puppy:= My very loved Twin Sisters
:iconapriiiynne:= My sis, duh!
:iconepicsmurfgirl:= My Epic sister!
:iconmariettesmurfling:= My little smurfy sis >3<
:iconsnappette-smurfette:= My sister
:iconrichhobom3:= My little sis
:iconshystarcc:= My Sister
:iconcracked-limbs:= My strong willed and huggy Sister :huggle:
:icontairusuku:= My Sister
:iconpitufotontin:= My Sister
:iconmyfanfictionpicture:= My Emotional Little Sister
:iconsugarbaby222:= My older sister Bitchy Smurf
:icon1cartoonfan:= My Smurfy Brother ^w^
:iconheftysmurf:= My Crazy Brother
:iconmadness-of-art:= My Big Brother :cuddle:
:iconthe-blue-moon12:= My Cousin
:iconlove-and-points:= Aunt
:iconpeppermintninjakitty:= Guinavere the jovial silver dragon
:iconsandapolla:= TheFat Cat
:iconyalarof:= My Pet Rainbow Turtle from Outer Space named Ricardo
:iconyu-x-2231:= My :iconmehplz:

Cheat Code

Cheat Code
BlueHecate's Request: Cheat Code and Friends by sandapolla {PC} Cheat Code by LittleWhiteDragonlet *R* Cheat Code by CelesteCorinne

Cheat Code with
BlueHecate Commission(pt. 2): Cheat Code and Krik by sandapolla RQ: You... by ChibiChum Commission For BlueHecate 3rd picture by Kaira-G Commission For BlueHecate 1st picture by Kaira-G Commission 4: BlueHecate by BrokenDeathAngel Commission: When I Get All Steamed Up by Sageroot Fanny and Cheat Code by Yo-Snap Commission For BlueHecate 2 by CrackpotComics :thumb355989819: RQ-Surprise Hug by LifeKore

COM: BlueHecate's Icon 2 by Kiss-the-Iconist Blue Hecate commission by x-Tsuzurao-x

Hey guys. Did you know that I've done other things besides doodles?! 

10 deviants said Shut the front door! :iconlachoirplz:
2 deviants said That's cool...:iconadamblackpp:
No deviants said Meh :iconmehplz:

To-Do List

Art Trades:

- Double meme

- Surprise

- BlackLatte shipping

- Midou, Gaiva, and Nova

- Smoodle Couple of Heftette and Smurf

- Icon of OC

- Nat & Slouchy Smoodle couple

Contest Entries:
- Contest entry

- Lily and Fanny

:iconizzy-chan13: (And for me too)
- BrainyxSassette

- Cookie

For me
- Adoptables
- This Locked in a bedroom thing
- Adopteds
- Cheat Code with Fanny and Beatle Gal
- My Smurfling
- Hecate and Rebekah
- Smurf stuff
- A couple comics
- Smurf Glasses


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UltraVioletCreations 1 hour ago  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
thanks for the fav Heart 
iceSylum 17 hours ago  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks for the fav on my Navi necklace :D
Bue, I will not be leaving this... read my latest journal
Pussycat-Puppy 1 day ago  Student Filmographer
Hey blue i'm comming to say goodbye
BlueHecate 1 day ago  Student Photographer
Please. Not you guys to. This is all so scary for me. I know it's hard for everyone but that's only because it just happened. He'll cool down and be better in a few days, and then the fighting will be over and we will all be better. But right now it's bad because it just happened. Please, give him time. And please don't go because people leaving will not fix anything. It will only bring sadness to those who are left behind :iconclingplz:
Pussycat-Puppy 1 day ago  Student Filmographer
Yeah maybe but everyone keeps hasling me.
BlueHecate 1 day ago  Student Photographer
...I'm not QwQ

Besides, he said he's gonna stay, so soon no one will have any reason to hassle you once everyone knows ^_^ :hug:
(1 Reply)
BlueHecate 3 days ago  Student Photographer
BlueHecate 2 days ago  Student Photographer
So stressed and so tired from being so busy TTATT

And you?
(1 Reply)
SerenityWireDesigns Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you for all the fav!
I'm glad you liked my pendant:)
= Fight alongside you
= Respect you
= Involve you
= Encourage you
= Deserve you
= Save you

Send this to all your friends & me if I'm one......If you get 4 back you are liked but if you get 7 back then you are seriously loved.) 
Pussycat-Puppy Apr 7, 2014  Student Filmographer
OMG!!!!!!!!I JUST GOT YOUR PAKAGE OMG!!!!!! YOU SEND ME THE SIAMESE:iconsqueeeeplz::iconsqueeeeplz::iconsqueeeeplz::iconsqueeeeplz::iconsqueeeeplz:

AND I LOVE THE CARD!!!!:iconcheeringplz:
SO MUTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOUR TOO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BlueHecate Apr 7, 2014  Student Photographer
YAY!! And was the figure of the Disney Siamese cats as good as you thought it was? Oh I'm just so happy you guys loved the stuff! >w<
I know they're not much, but it sounds like you guys needed a bit of cheering up QwQ
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